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Transform and balance, mind and body

Online courses in meditation, yoga and pilates in Norwegian and English. Our courses are designed to transform and balance your body and mind, connecting to your intuition and consciousness. With more than 20 years experience of a personal meditation and yoga practice Stine has guided many new teachers and students on their path to improved health, both physically and mentally. Stine has completed 2 ashtanga yoga teacher trainings (500 RYT) and a teacher training in Yin Yoga, as well as an immersion in anatomy and principals for a safe yin yoga practice as well as a yoga teacher training in anatomy. In 2006 she completed a 6 month intensive meditation teacher training in Canada. Stine has a 5 year education in homeopathy, ear acupuncture and reflexology.


The key to inner peace

Meditation is my main form of practice, it takes me back to center, back to silence and to who I am. Most of my courses include meditations or guidance on how to connect to this source within. There are many different paths to choose in this world, I would hope we always choose the one that takes us back to our self. Your teacher is within, remember that all other guidance can only lead you closer to your self or further apart. I choose to move closer, every day, in every moment. I wish the same for you.


With Stine Koppernaes

I teach different yoga courses in my studio in Norway and - from Yin Yoga, flow yoga to Ashtanga Yoga or an inbetween version with core excercise and relaxation. Stine will lead you through your practice and give you a thorough base for further development. I have a few courses online in norwegian

Being the Alchemist

Dare to go within

"Being the Alchemist" means in this context that we are able to transform our emotions back to love, recognize and embrace the parts of us we have suppressed. Through my studies in yoga, meditation, philosophy and homeopathy, I've found ways of transforming our emotions and way of thinking. In this book I have included exercises to connect with our shadow sides, through this connection we can find creativity, love, joy and strength. Also we can find sorrow, grief, hatred and greed. We don't get rid of our feelings by suppressing them, but in allowing and embracing our selves, the emotions can be released and transformed to something that feels lighter. Acceptance and awareness is the main key which I find most easily through meditation. My book "Be the Alchemist of Your Life" is about transforming our emotions and thinking through meditation.

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Meditasjon, yoga og pilates

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Meditation, yoga and pilates

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